Leaves EP by Freddie Joachim

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We’ve had DJ Q-Bert’s ‘Extraterrestia’ and ‘Galaxxxian’ LP’s both on heavy rotation on the show for the last few months.  Join the turntablist legend as he goes through his collection in the latest of fuse’s ‘Crate Diggers’ series

Big thank you to DJ Miz Rizk for putting this together! Tall Black Guy is one of my favourite producers/beat makers. I could speak about how brilliant his work is but I would rather the beats do the “talking”.

I hope you enjoy this mix of TBG flips, beats and edits that I put together just ahead of his Australian Tour.

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Artwork by Andrew Gibbs


Old painting, new wheatpaste. 

In 2011, I began a series of paintings called Victim of American Fear.(The title is from this article by Adam Serwer for The Prospect. As an illustrator, I’m often inspired to create a painting from something I’ve read.)

The series was meant to address the killings of black people that happen when people find themselves afraid of black people just because they are black. Think Trayvon Martin. Think Oscar Grant. 

Also think Renisha McBride. If I continue this series, I’ll want to include a black woman.  

After the recent killings of more black bodies, I decided to try these paintings out on the street as wheatpastes. 

Critiquing my own work, I do think these paintings are a little over-literal, with the gun targets covering the bodies. I don’t mean to be provocative just for the sake of it. But I do think it’s a strong image. 

These are pasted in Newark. 




Plan B 10th May 2014 with Georgia Anne Muldrow, TallBlackGuy, Oh No & 9th Wonder


Stopped by the @deliciousvinyl Sidewalk Sale today, copped a tee and enjoyed some @tallblackguyproductions playing in the rotation.